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It's Your Time For Your Big Break


It's time to end the confusion, cut through the nonsense and discover the simple process to kickstarting a successful acting career.

Forget about hoping and praying for that callback, fighting feelings of inauthenticity, and feeling like you're playing "a game" that you don't know the rules to. That's all bullshit, and if you keep going like this, you're going to get burned out and give up. Trust us. . . we've seen it happen.

There are four main problems with aspiring actors that keep them from creating a successful career:

  • A lack of acting business saavy. Aspiring actors are all passionate about acting, and are often talented. However they fail to recognize and understand the BUSINESS of acting. Acting is much more than portraying a role in front of a camera. It's knowing how to create and leverage your unique attributes in a way that NO ONE else can.
  • No clear direction or path to follow. Creating a sustainable and intentional acting career requires you to have a PLAN. Without a specific plan on where you want to take your career, you WILL NOT end up working on the professional stage you dream of, regardless of how talented you are. DO NOT RISK YOUR SUCCESS TO CHANCE.
  • A weak network. You've heard the saying, "It's not what you know, it's who you know." Well, when it comes to acting, that's definitely the case. Aspiring actors rarely have the relationships needed to break into a big role or to get a special nod for an audition, and that's okay. However, you NEED to learn how to network, market yourself, build strategic relationships, and open doors through your connections.
  • Little to no "startup capital." Unfortunately, most actors work multiple jobs, barely stringing enough to survive in-between gigs. This cyclical income nightmare often leads actors into financial positions that jeopardize their ability to follow their dreams and access professionals that provide unique professional guidance.

If this sounds like you, then you need to get off the aspiring actor hamster wheel. 

You need to make a change in the way that you're going about your BUSINESS. (That's right, your acting career is a business). . . 

You Need

You Need

The 7 Essential Insider’s Steps to Gain Control of Your Film and TV Acting Career, 

And Build An Acting Business You Love...On Your Own Terms

ACTr is the first-of-it's-kind, affordable monthly membership for aspiring actors to build connections, community, and confidence. When you become a member of ACTr you will tap into unbiased advice and industry intel, put the power back in YOUR hands, and create an acting business you LOVE!

Each ACTr Membership Includes:

  • A specific step-by-step path designed by talent manager Jay Froberg, so you can pursue your career in a way that’s exponentially more fulfilling.
  • The tactical tools and skills that will help you execute a strategy, so you feel confident and excited about the future, knowing you’re shaping your own career destiny.
  • A group of like-minded peers providing you feedback on your reels, resume and more. The group will also help you feel free to proceed and progress exactly how you want, without needing an agent or manager to tell you what you can and can’t do.
  • Access To Colin Egglesfield's Acting Masterclass Workshop. He covers the art of acting, how to break down a scene, character analysis and improv exercises.
  • Access to Colin Egglesfield's Camera Ready Course. Master camera presence and communication both in front of the camera and in live audiences. This course is designed for non-actors and actors alike who have stage fright, who want to have more confidence in front of the camera, and who want to master their communication delivery and style.
  • Auditioning Expertise. Members learn the difference between film/television acting and theater/stage acting and what the audition process is like for both.
  • Exclusive access to member mock auditions hosted by Colin Egglesfield.
  • Clear direction on how to maintain a professional acting career, create an acting career business plan, networking tips and tactics, creating your projects, film festivals, theatre companies and how to navigate awards season.
  • Membership to our ACTr app, which we use to host ongoing monthly trainings, group coaching sessions, membership forums, and talk shop on industry trends and updates.

And The Best Part Is . . . 

It's Available At A Price Any Aspiring Actor Can Afford!

Get started today by clicking your path below and creating your ACTr account!

$99 A Month. Cancel Anytime

$588 One-Time Payment

What Actors Are Saying

"ACTr delivered an impactful shift within my career. As a ten plus year veteran to this industry, I wish I would have had access to a course this insightful when I first discovered my passion for acting and planned my move from South Carolina to Los Angeles. It embodies everything I've learned along my journey, but adds miles of knowledge in a way that is understandable, practical, fun, and inspiring. It's the bones, the blood, and the body...the DNA we all need when figuring out just who we are, or who we might become as a working actor."     

Brett Zimmerman

“Call of Duty: WWII”, “All American”

"ACTr is kind of what I imagine having an extremely supportive and already established family member in the entertainment industry might feel like. They have your back and really want to help you to move forward in your career. 

Loaded with SO many pearls of advice, had I learned this at the beginning of my career, I would have undoubtedly avoided a lot of unnecessary frustration and setbacks. 

This insight and guidance has also carried over to my producing endeavors, helping me elegantly balance both my love for being an artist with my ambition to develop film and television projects."

 Courtney B. Turk

“Assassination Nation”, “Black Water”

"Having taken this course is kind of what I imagine having an extremely supportive and already established family member in the entertainment industry might feel like. They have your back and really want to help you to move forward in your career. 

Loaded with SO many pearls of advice, had I learned this at the beginning of my career, I would have undoubtedly avoided a lot of unnecessary frustration and setbacks. 

This insight and guidance has also carried over to my producing endeavors, helping me elegantly balance both my love for being an artist with my ambition to develop film and television projects."

 Courtney B. Turk

“Assassination Nation”, “Black Water”

"ACTr is essential for anyone looking for clear, approachable career strategy and invaluable insight into not just the art of, but the business of being an actor."

Tom Connolly

“Gilmore Girls”, “Lost”

Meet The Creators & ACTr Hosts

Your New Manager: Jay Froberg

Jay has been a talent manager for over 20 years and is the CEO of the talent management and production company ROAR – headquartered in Los Angeles. Representing A-list actors like Chris Hemsworth (“The Avengers”), Norman Reedus (“The Walking Dead”), Brie Larson (“Captain Marvel”) and Cobie Smulders (“The Avengers”), ROAR has earned a reputation for providing smart and sophisticated management advice to artists around the world. 

Jay brings an incredible amount of value to the ACTr community including past experience as an executive for MGM Studios.

Your New Instructor: Colin Egglesfield

Colin is an actor, author, and entrepreneur who grew up in the south suburbs of Chicago. Having crafted a successful acting career working on hit television shows such as All My Children, Melrose Place, and The Client List, he has also starred opposite the likes of Kate Hudson in Something Borrowed, Gary Oldman in The Space Between Us, and Sylvester Stallone in Backtrace.

With the release of this exciting new community, Colin shares incredible insight and strategies he has had to adopt not only to overcome the odds in pursuit of his acting career but also to survive cancer, not once but twice. Colin's inspiring message encourages others that they too can overcome their personal challenges and adversity in pursuit of what matters to them as well.

Ready to kickstart your acting career?

Still On The Fence? . . .

We get it. After all, we've been there too and have seen thousands of similar aspiring actors in your same position.

However, we built the ACTr community to get you out of neutral and into gear by applying the expertise, knowledge, and experience that we mutually bring to the table, both from the business and talent side, as well as the acting and auditioning side.

While we know that you'll LOVE ACTr once you join, we want to make sure that you feel like ACTr's a great fit for you. That's why you need to take a long, hard look in the mirror. . .

Do you feel like you have no control over your acting career and destiny... and you're left with questions like:
  • Can I really do this?
  • Do I need an agent, or a manager, or both?
  • Do I need to move to Los Angeles to get my big break?
  • Where can I get help, and who can I turn to for advice?
  • Other than going to acting class, what else can I be doing?
If you find yourself asking any of these questions, then you're a PERFECT fit for ACTr. 

If you find  your current situation exhausting, we want to reassure you that it’s NOT your fault. You've simply never been shown the CORRECT way to create, shape, and build your perfect acting career. Let us show you HOW!

Let's Take A Deeper Look Inside 
The ACTr Community

ACTr is an innovative solution to having your very own “Manager-In-A-Box” and "Acting Expert-In-A-Box" to tap into on-demand...so you instantly have access to the knowledge and insights only a veteran manager and actor in the industry can provide.

Beside Having Jay and Colin Every Step of The Way & A Supportive Community Here's what you'll learn and the resources you get to tap into. . .

1. Your Acting Career Is A Startup Business

The first thing that you’re learning is laying the important foundations on how to approach your acting career as a business, and why this shift is the difference between succeeding or struggling.

You'll Discover:

  • Why you need to look at this business in the same way as a start-up to enjoy more success. 
  • The simple mindset shift you must make to escape the ‘struggling’ artist trap.
  • A proven method for making good career decisions.

You'll Also Have This Tool To Help You:

  • The Method for Making Good Decisions QRTD Worksheet - The 4-step exercise you can use for all of your career decisions

2. How To Become Your Own Best Advocate And Confidently Commit To Being An Actor

One of the biggest challenges for actors is having and holding on to the identity and self-belief of “I am an actor” even though you may not be working on a show or film, whether you’re just starting out, or you’re between roles. But by not owning your career, you’re unwittingly holding yourself back.
The ACTr community and curriculum will instill in you an unshakeable belief that you can do this, so you become your own best advocate and your self-confidence inspires other people’s confidence in you too.

You'll Discover:

  • How to commit to being an actor and believe in it 100% no matter what stage your career is at. 
  • Why testing the waters matters, and the quick and easy ways to make sure that acting is your passion, and this IS the right career for you. 
  • How to tap into a success mindset on-demand, so you keep forward momentum, no matter what challenges you encounter.

You'll Also Have These Tools To Help You:

  • Career Path Visualization Tool – A worksheet and exercise to connect you to your career success path 
  • The 1st Step for a Successful Acting Career - Actor affirmations exercise to harness the power of focused positivity and neuroscience to create the change you want
  • Resource Guide for Actors Just Getting Started – An Acting 101 Resource Guide with shortcuts to all of the basic information a working actor needs to know

3. How To Fund Your Acting Business and Be Less Stressed With The Journey

The first important step for any start-up business is to get a handle on the finances, and your acting business is no different. By joining ACTr you’ll master how to get comfortable with this aspect of your business, and instead of being tempted to bury your head in the sand, you can confidently step into being in control of your finances. 

You'll Discover:

  • How to view your finances the same way an entrepreneur does.
  • The 3 things that matter in your financial well-being.
  • Ways to raise money to support your acting business.
  • The business side of show business, demystified, so you can start to feel confident in your abilities as a business-builder.

You'll Also Have This Tool To Help You:

  • Actor Money Tracker- A worksheet designed specifically for actors, to track money coming in and money going out, so you feel in control, can pay the bills, and know how to move your career forward financially

4. How To Create Your Viable Acting Toolbox

As an actor, your talent is key, but what makes you unique and distinguishable from the competition is YOU. As an ACTr member you will discover how to use your natural skills to your advantage, rather than fighting against them, and how to identify and leverage what makes you unique.

You'll Take A Deep Dive Into:

  • What (or who) causes an acting career to thrive.
  • How to build your audience and craft a brand for yourself.
  • The key elements you need in your Acting Toolbox to communicate your brand and build your fan base.

You'll Also Have These Tools To Help You:

  • Sample Resume Template - A proven template to model, so you can create an eye-catching resume to help casting directors discover your talent
  • Tips for Editing Your Reel – Tips and recommendations to create attention-grabbing highlight reels
  • Seeing the Big Picture - Start crafting your brand with this guide to determine your strengths and weaknesses as an actor, and identifying your core fan base

5. How To Locate Your Business

It can be easy to get sucked into believing that you need to be based in Hollywood to have a successful acting career, but this isn’t necessarily the case. In fact, if you move too soon it could damage your acting business growth. In this module, you’ll explore what location works best for YOU, to fit the stage of your career, and what your ultimate goals are. 

You'll Discover:

  • Why location matters.
  • What an “opportunity” really is for actors (and what it is not).
  • Where the opportunities are for actors and why.
  • The cost/benefit analysis of moving closer to opportunities.

You'll Also Have This Tool To Help You:

  • Relocating Checklist - A great list of things every actor should consider before moving to a new city  

6. How To Create A Compelling Sales Pitch to Producers and Directors

Once you have your acting business fundamentals in place it’s time to start getting in front of the right people and sell what you have to offer. All too often this is the piece of the puzzle many actors get wrong, so they end up wasting the opportunities they do have.
ACTr will demonstrate how to be intentional in finding the right people, and how to confidently present your best self, so they pay attention and remember you for all the right reasons.

You'll Take A Deep Dive Into:

  • What producers and directors are REALLY looking for (hint: it’s not what you think).
  • How to be prepared for and seek out opportunities. 
  • Why being a great actor isn’t enough, and how to leverage your talent into business-building actions.
  • How to create your compelling pitch to get the roles you’re right for.

You'll Also Have These Tools To Help You:

  • The 100 Movies Every Actor Needs to Watch - A list of ‘must-watch’ films so you can have meaningful high-level conversations with directors
  • The Ultimate Networking Weapon - A fun networking game to help you consistently connect with the right people and exponentially grow your Rolodex

7. How To Define Your Strategy And Hone Your Habits To Meet Your Acting Career Goals

All the planning and preparing counts for nothing if you don’t take consistent focused action on the steps toward your goals.

In this module, you’ll lay out exactly what your goals are, and the pathway you need to take to make it happen, so you’re never left thinking ‘what do I do now?’

You'll Discover:

  • The importance of having a career strategy.
  • How to break your long-term goals down into achievable steps that will give you the career that you dream of.
  • Setting your career goals to a timeline that is both motivational and realistic.

You'll Also Have This Tool To Help You:

  • Career Strategy Worksheet - A goals and strategies timeline worksheet to map out your career path for the next weeks, months, and years to get from where you are now to where you want to be

8. How To Build Your Team

Building a team can feel challenging if you’ve never done it before, and if you don’t get it right it can quickly spiral into an expensive mistake, leaving you no closer to achieving your goals. Hire too soon and you can end up stuck in a relationship that isn’t healthy or productive, but if you leave it too late you can end up being overwhelmed by tasks and complexities that are better outsourced to experts and slow the execution of your strategy.
ACTr will teach you who you should think about hiring, and when, plus you’ll have the tools and confidence to build your team effectively, without feeling desperate and pressured.

You'll Dive Into:

  • The counter-intuitive reason why building your team is the least important step in your acting career. (Most actors get this wrong, but you won’t make this costly mistake.)
  • When to “pull the trigger” on hiring a team.
  • How to find an agent, a manager, and other experts to hire.
  • The ‘ABCs’ of knowing how you’ve found a great team member.

You'll Also Have These Tools To Help You:

  • How an Actor’s Team Works Together – An organization flow chart showing you what a good, cohesive team looks like, with you as the CEO
  • Script for Hiring - An email script you can model for successful hiring
  • Script for Firing - An email script you can model to terminate relationships when needed without damaging your career


9. How To Master The Professional Process and Dump Gasoline On Your Momentum and Success

After all, if you're not talented or simply don't know how to refine and improve your skills and abilities overtime, then you will not create a successful acting career. Creating the acting career of your dreams requires a melding of mastering the professional and business side of acting, while simultaneously continuing to refine your acting talents and ability.

That's why the ACTr Community is such a revolutionary idea. For the first time ever, you can learn how to master these two necessary aspects of your acting career and use your skills and knowledge as a springboard into the roles of  your dreams.

You'll Discover:

  • How to have more confidence in front of the camera and how to master your communication delivery and style.
  • How to master camera presence and communication both in front of the camera and in live audiences.
  • The simple acting and audition hacks that A-list actors know and use in EVERY audition.

You'll Also Have These Tools To Help You:

  • Acting Business Blueprint - This is what I wish I had when I was acting! This is the roadmap that we will create together that has mindset exercises and journaling to create your individualized acting blueprint.
  • Private Acting Masterclass FB Group - The Private Acting Master Class Workshop Chat is designed to connect you with other aspiring actors and create a community of like-minded people that can provide support and necessary feedback to eachother. This alone is worth the price 10x over because relationships and networking is essential to this business of acting!

What Are You Waiting For? Join Our Community Risk-Free 
And Kickstart Your Acting Career Today!

"I just joined ACTr and WOW! I have joined a few different programs over the last few years and this one really was a home run.

Each module was incredibly digestible, user-friendly, and also so informative. The modules were clearly laid out and I loved that they can be used by any and all actors, wherever they may be in their careers.

I would recommend it to anyone who is an actor or is thinking about becoming an actor!"

Sawyer Greenberg

“Paradise by the Dashboard Light”, “Interned”


and I’ll be happy to answer it for you!

Ready To Get Unstuck And Gain Control Of Your Film And TV Acting Career, So You Can Find More Fulfillment And Create An Acting Business You Love... On Your Terms?
Right now you’re at a fork in the road. 

Part of you might be wondering if it’s easier to carry on as you are, in the hope that someday soon you might get your lucky break.

But deep down, you probably know you owe it to yourself and your dreams to be proactive and create your own success, rather than waiting for someone else to bless you with opportunities.

And when you ask yourself...are you prepared to put your future and your happiness on hold forever?  You know you deserve better than that.
When you choose to say YES to creating your own acting business...that’s when you stack the deck in your favor.

The program gives you all the essential guidance and tools you need to confidently take back control of your Film and TV acting career and feel more fulfilled in the process.

We’ve distilled all our knowledge from a combined 60 years in the entertainment industry, and put it all into this proven method for moving your career in the right direction...with an online community as a resource to go to when you need advice or feedback along the way.

Your transformation starts immediately! As soon as you click the ‘Join Now’ button below, you’ll be taken to secure checkout.

We can't wait to see you on the inside!
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